Why You’ll Love OMI’s Dock Boxes.

It is more superior than Fiberglass.
OMI’s Dock Boxes are constructed of rotational-molded polyethylene giving it far more superior quality than Fiberglass.

  • It will not crack. We guarantee it - even when its shipped.

  • Yes, it is UV-protected. Meets marine-grade requirements.

  • Thickness consistency- so of course, no soft spots.

  • It's a green product. We care about our environment- you should too.

  • Oh yeah ... it’s not as expensive as Fiberglass.

Features unlike any other Dock Box.
Check out some of our cool Dock Box features.

  • Molded-in tamper/theft resistant hinges. Keep your Robin Hoods at bay! Mother Nature’s temper can’t blow off the lid.

  • Double-walled lid - 1/4” thick. Withstands over half-ton of weight on lid! Kids jumping off box? We got you covered.

  • Two vent holes for mold/mildew prevention. We added a screen behind the vent- keeps ‘em pests out.

  • Optional drain plug. Why not use the Dock Box as a cooler? You’ve got a way to drain water out.

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What’s under the hood?
Shouldn’t the parts under the hood be as good as the exterior? Definitely!

  • We use all-stainless hardware. No rusting here.

  • Open-lid suspension during use. (Hey, We've got kids too. Safety comes first - lid will not slam down on fingers.)

  • Raised-edge preventing moisture penetration. No worries, rain isn’t getting in.


10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Variety of size and color options.
Different sizes and color options are available. While the sky is the limit for color options, we wanted to provide you with the most popular sizes that people enjoy. If there are any color options that you do not see, contact us and we can color match it to a “T” for you. Of course, since we are a manufacturer, we’ll need you to have a minimum order quantity before we can build them for you.

  • 4’, 6’, and 7’ length options. More box, less money. It‘s that simple.

  • Standard colors: white body/white lid, white body/blue lid, or tan body/tan lid.

  • Dock Boxes can be stood upright as a dock locker. Pretty cool, eh?

Did you know?
We manufacture the LARGEST roto-molded polyethylene dock box in the U.S. Our largest Dock Boxes are slightly longer than standard-sized dock boxes with sufficient storage room for fishing poles, water skis, wake boars, and other long dock/aquatic equipment.

Need accessories? We have them too.
We have some unique accessories if you want to add them to your Dock Box.

  • Two straight-locks with matching keys. One key for both locks.

  • Rod holder is fastened to the top of the lid with stainless steel hardware and holds up to eight (8) fishing rods.

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